small business

small business

A startup is a temporary organisation designed to search for a repeatable and sustainable business model  ~ Steve Blank


hdpmcS is passionate and an avid supporter of the start-up community. This important sector of the economy holds the brain-pool for innovation, and it is the small and medium businesses that contribute over-proportionally to growth and employment.

Start-Up Mentorship & Coaching

One of the many key challenges that start-ups face is the lack of access to experienced business leaders to provide coaching and mentorship on the various facets of establishing a sound business. This is where hdpmcS, can provide support and mentorship. Come and see us at the next edition of the monthly The Hookup Dinner in Maboneng precinct in the heart of Jozi.

Growth Stage Advisory - From Start-up to Company

At some stage, the start-up needs to move on and leave the start-up cocoon. hdpmcS provides an affordable service offering for start-up entrepreneurs that want to take their company to the next level. And there is significantly more involved than just setting up an HR or payroll function. Also, a growing company cannot just apply big corporation principles, processes and procedures. It needs to find the balance between the agility of its start-up stage, and the need for increased formalism and processes as it grows. Talk to us if you believe you are stuck (or even better – before).

Valuation Services

A proper valuation takes into account all aspects of the business including current financial performance, momentum and growth, as well as prevailing market conditions and the current investment habits of buyers and financial institutions. What you need is not so much a theoretical “would be nice” assessment, but rather a truthful, no holds barred report on fact. It is targeted to sellers, to people planning to sell in the future or who simply want to keep tabs on the value of their businesses from year to year, by shareholders about to go their separate ways, by purchasers of the target business, unsure of what the market would bear, and so on. hdpmcS provides valuation services in collaboration with Suitegum, a niche provider well known in the industry.