technology domains

technology domains

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. ~ Bill Gates


hdpmcS engages in a series of technology related advisory services that range from board-level strategy workshops via intensive management intervention to hands-on operations in programme management or in interim management roles. Prior ‘scars’ and experience are always key, you won’t find us ‘learning by doing’ in any of our assignments.

IT Strategy & Advisory

Information technology for an organization is a constant triangulation between the requirements of the existing legacy world, the need to harness and embrace the possibilities of the new technologies of the digital enterprise in innovative ways, and the constant pressure to reduce cost and provide services to the organisation in more effective and efficient ways.

It all starts with a clearly thought through IT strategy, which outlines the way forward for the organisation and provides the framework for further decisions. Needless to say that alignment with the overarching business strategy is an absolute must in order to propel your organisation. hdpmcS has been involved in strategy work on many occasions, and with our in-depth knowledge of the industry will help you to achieve your goals.

Digital Enterprise (Social Media, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics)

Digital or Dead! It is no longer just having a twitter feed. The way technology has evolved over the past decade and the new demands of the digital and mobile customer have significantly changed the way business is conducted today.  Innovation is happening in this space on a day-to-day basis, and moreover, convergence (Gartner calls it the Nexus) creates additional complexities that need to be analysed, managed and assessed on how they can be utilized to pull ahead of the competition.

Also cloud has become an established component in the industry. No longer is an on-site implementation first choice. Cutting through the options and available models of public, private or hybrid cloud solutions can be a daunting task.

Big Data and analytics have been around even longer than cloud, yet many organisations are still struggling to harness the value from the vast amounts of data they have in their systems, and how to use them to e.g., move to a customer centric organization. New concepts based on in-memory data technology and integrated / engineered solutions are available, yet implementation is lagging behind.

In addressing these problems, hdpmcS takes into account that very few organisations do have the luxury of a green-field approach. A proper integration into the existing world and landscape needs to be catered for.

Programme Management & Quality Assurance

Green, green, green, greenRED! Who hasn’t experienced the sudden change in project RAG status out of the blue. Programme management and quality assurance are core services where the full experience of hdpmcS and its business affiliates comes to bear. Having worked on large and mission critical programmes (with some significantly changing the face of the industry), decades of experience come to bear.

Whether your organisation deploys a traditional waterfall approach, or has moved to more agile development methods, hdpmcS is proficient in both worlds. Our preferred agile approach is DAD (Disciplined Agile Development) as it caters for the organisational realities in a much better way than ‘purist’ agile approaches.

As a common denominator, regardless of the chosen methodology and approach, all programmes need to create a sustainable business outcome, need to adhere to execution excellence principles, and do so with predictability in the triangle of schedule, budget and scope (including quality).

Turnaround and Interim CIO

There are many reasons of why a company all the sudden requires a senior IT executive. Potentially your existing CIO has left and you only want to bridge the vacancy until your new candidate is available; you may have a short term strategic project that requires full-time senior IT leadership attention; you might have recurring IT issues or need to execute radical changes in the cost structure of your IT operations.

In all these cases, an interim CIO could be considered to step into the gap. hdpmcS will assess the current situation and work with your organisation towards desired state, which usually requires in-depth collaboration with your business leaders to develop and execute on a strategic IT plan. We will also participate, if required in the CIO search and execute the transition plan at the end of the assignment. Most of our hdpmcS business affiliates have been in CIO shoes, either permanently, or seconded in interim roles.